User post: Do Men Think Women Love To Clean?

The kids are gone for two weeks and tomorrow hubby and I are off to the beach for ten days! Ten days of silent bliss. I am very excited.

I wrote previously on my children's sad departure as they pulled from the driveway this past weekend. I have cried my last cry and am enjoying the alone time with myself and my hubby. I have gotten chores done around the house that would never have been attempted if the children were around. I mean you can't trash toys that are literally junk around kids. Even if it's a Barbie car with one wheel, if you make a slight suggestion that maybe it's on it's last leg and should be tossed in the garbage, an excuse will be found on why it must remain in the toy box. "But Aunt BeBe gave it to us before she died," or "But it's Dottie's favorite." Speaking of Dottie, she's a stuffed deer. It's impossible to rid your home of old toys when children are around to see.

We head out tomorrow for my husband's father's beach house. We have stayed there multiple times before. As always, the only request about the house is when you leave, leave it the way it was.

Earlier my husband met his father for the keys and helped him run an errand. Well, it seems as if someone hadn't left the house in tip top shape and now we have been given handwritten instructions on how to leave it this time. I'm fine with this but the funny thing was, when hubby returned home, he handed me the list. (I know he did it not even thinking about what I may read into it.)

Why, oh why do men think women love to clean up? Is there a sign above women's head that say, "Let Me Clean For You"? I wonder why the list was mine for the holding?

Do men really think we pray for instructions on what to clean next? Is this sexist to think this way or just natural?