User post: Is Brad Pitt Hot Anymore?

Recently in celebrity gossip news, Brad Pitt seems to be doing a lot of talking. I guess with the release of his new movie Inglorious Basterds, he decides he has a wide audience to speak to while promoting this film. Is all of this "talk" hurting his image or helping?

When speaking with "Today" show's Ann Curry on whether or not he will make a run for mayor of New Orleans, Pitt stated, "I'm running on the gay marriage, no religion, legalization and taxation marijuana of platform ... I don't have a chance."

While on Bill Maher's show, Bill Maher spoke of watching Pitt roll one perfect joint after another at a party. "I'm an artist," Pitt said of his skills. He no longer partakes in smoking weed though, saying it turns him " into a doughnut . . . I'm a dad now. You want to be alert ." Also on Bill Maher he talked of the legalization of pot, his disbelief in God, and his belief in gay marriage.

Recently he told the press that Angelina Jolie and him have sex in a grotto behind a waterfall in his pool, and just the other day, when he was asked by German press about Tom Cruise's Nazi flick, Valkyrie, he said, "It was a ridiculous movie."

So is he hot anymore, or are his days in the hot spot about over?