User post: Why are people so desperate to be in a relationship?

"I feel so lonely, I want a man in my life!"

Why is it that sometimes we feel the need to be in a relationship?
I myself have gone through this phase before, but later on realized
how am I supposed to make someone happy, if I don't know how to be happy on my own?

I find that when one is single, that is their time to seek and discover who they are, to explore life.
You're going to be stuck with yourself for the rest of your life, so why not make it easier by finding out what
it is that you're all about.

Being single is actually not that bad! I prefer it more than being in a relationship. When you're single,
you get to go out with your girlfriends whenever you want. You can go to parties, the movies, and just simply anywhere without stressing about whether or not there is enough of you to go around!

So for now my single ladies, don't worry about getting a man, because eventually when the time is right, you'll get one! Learn how to make yourself happy before concluding that only a man will.

Go out and have fun...once you're married, the single life is out the window!