User post: Why do some women trap men with a pregnancy? Lets get honest!

Your biological clock is ticking loudly, and your whole body is just craving to get PREGNANT! Your mind is telling you that you deserve to have the love of a bundle of joy that is just yours to love, an you are feeling it. You want a baby,..NOW! You've been eating strawberries like they're going out of style, and you can feel the pulling of your maternal heart strings. It's just a strong feeling inside of you, but it is so strong in you, that you can't mistake this maternal urge to have what you want, in your life.The only thing missing is the man to donate what you need. You need the seed of life. As long as he's a good looking man and decent, he will do just fine, because you really won't need him in the babies life later on, anyway. You just have to choose the right man for what you need. Why do women make this choice without consideration for the feelings of an unsuspecting guy? Is it true that most women want at least one? .....A new developement; "Leogurl",.. explained, that a lot of young girls are also using this behavior to keep thier significant other in thier lives, as well..Is this dynamic really a broad based behavior across age groups in females? Props to Leogurl...Thank you.