Vacation Nightmares

These real couples thought they'd be talking about their trips forever. And they will...just not for the reasons they'd hoped.

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We took an overnight train in Italy once, and another passenger brought a big dog on the train. In the morning, we found dog pee all over our shoes and bags that had been on the floor. --jackieo1309

We booked a hotel in Tennessee that we thought was reputable, but when we got there, the room was full of roaches. --1969june

My husband got food poisoning on an overnight flight from Toronto to England. He ended up wearing my clothes off the plane. --Aunds

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We rented a motorbike in Cozumel...and wrecked it! The left side of my body was bandaged for the whole rest of our honeymoon, and we had to pay for damages to the bike. --EmilyS2

This rotten kid at Disney kept poking us in line and bumping into us, and his parents never said anything! --cecora8488

We went on vacation with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law. On the first day, I broke the back taillight on my sister's vehicle by hitting a tree. Let's just say it made for a tense rest of the week. --okcgirl24

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We went on a cruise for our honeymoon, and it turned out no ships were allowed to stop in Cozumel, where we were headed, because there was a swine flu outbreak there. So we were stuck on the ship for a lot longer than we had planned. Not fun! --dvickers

We were evacuated from our honeymoon on Ambergris Caye, Belize, by a Category 5 hurricane. --nikinikinine

We took a long weekend to go camping. The first night, rain turned into snow with high-speed winds. Our tent leaked, our sleeping bags were soaked, and our lips were blue by the next morning. -- Jservadio

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