The Valley of Love

Sheevaun MoranSheevaun MoranThere are times and places that you've felt more love than ever. On the other side of this are the times when you aren't feeling much love at all. Seems that we more often focus on the side of not feeling the love.

Love is such a wide and diverse topic and one that needs a lot of love just to delve into. There's basic love for a human, animal, friend, child, car, house etc. Each of these will feel different based on your expectations. The expectation of what love is supposed to be and feel like is one of those great traps. By trap I mean that you can think about how you want love to look and feel like but that is really illusion.

No one is taking away love buy you and once you're in tune with that concept you are in tune with higher love vibrations.

When you love yourself more you will feel more love all round. You must love who you are and how you are in order for others to fully love you. As you begin the process of loving yourself you will find that you are kinder to you AND others.

The love the really matters is love for the smallest of things and not the big bright shiny things. This love that really matters is love for all no matter what they are doing. And yes I do mean no matter what they are doing. If you love them you may also find that you disagree and if you love them exactly as they are then you will be one of the great alchemists here on the planet.

We need more alchemists because alchemy is the magic that turns dirt into gold, hurt and pain into love and forgiveness. The alchemy of love is that it can turn the densest energy into the lightest and brightest. Now that's the shiny object that you want to reach for.

This love for the little things leads into love of all things, which then leads to deep compassion. When you combine love and deep compassion you will feel love all around you.

Alchemy is needed here on the planet more than ever. There are many people around you that are feeling the lack of love. The more you love from the inside out then others will begin to take the journey.

Will you be an alchemist more today? Start with loving one thing about yourself today! You can have anything in your life so long as there's love.

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