Venus Enters Capricorn: Staying Power

Venus Enters Capricorn: Staying Power
Now that love goddess Venus has entered the no-nonsense terrain of Capricorn until February 1, you'll feel compelled to take your relationships more seriously. There's something karmic about this transit -- it's in the the way you consider how you treat others, and how you might even have to face a demon or two for your behavior!

Venus in Capricorn asks if you have the maturity, wisdom, and patience to sustain your love life, even in the face of difficult challenges. Do you roll up your sleeves and get to work ... or throw in the towel and move on? This transit urges you to take the first tack -- to build a relationship with staying power. Without a solid foundation, there's no real long-term potential ... and Capricorn is all about the long haul.

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Capricorn can be one of the most traditional signs of the zodiac, so during this transit you may feel more conservative and attuned to desires accepted by society. Quality will be crucial over the next few weeks, particularly since others will be looking for holes in your integrity. Flip-floppers, cheaters, and anyone with commitment issues need not apply!

Apart from your relationship, this is also a time when you may fall in love with your career or other worldly aims, as ambitious Saturn rules Capricorn.

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Are your relationships -- romantic, business, or otherwise -- time-tested? If not, you may experience a few foundational cracks during the next few weeks. Throughout this time, do all you can to relate from your most dignified self and offer nothing less than your best. If you do, you'll reap benefits from the sage wisdom that Venus in Capricorn offers!

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