Vibrators that Totally Freak Us Out

A girl has to have a decent vibe by her bedside, but remember when vibrators used to be kinda plain -- sort of vaguely penis-esque or wand-like, and that was that? If you found a cool color you were lucky.

Well, hold onto your nightstands, ladies, because the new crop of vibrators takes their shape from food. Yes, food.

1. Sweet Cakes Cupcake Vibrator
We love cupcakes, but a vibrating cupcake? This baby not only looks real (in a very shiny way), it also has five different kinds of vibrations. Downside: Maneuvering this thing. A little awkward, we'd guess.

2. iScream Silicone Sex Toy
This popsicle-inspired one doesn't buzz, but you can literally throw it in the freezer for a 'cool' sensation before you use it. Yum?

3. Bananarammer Vibrating Silicone Sex Toy
You can add your own little bullet vibe to the inside of this neon banana. The question is, would you want to?

4. Candy Cane Hide-A-Vibe
If you're traveling for the holidays, this is one way to conceal your secret weapon. Just, um, don¹t let the kids play with it.

What do you think of these? Would you use one, or do you find them totally weird?