VIDEO: Help! How Do I Stop Thinking About My Mean Ex?

If you've ever been through a difficult breakup, you know it can take a long time to recover. In this video, Family/Relationship Therapist, Bestselling Author and YourTango Expert Dr. Bonnie Weil discusses what to do when you can't stop thinking about the mean things your ex said to you right before you broke up.

"Do you realize that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself?" asks Dr. Bonnie. Holding onto anger only hurts you. Dr. Bonnie urges you to try to forgive your ex for the harsh words you exchanged at the end of your relationship. After all, it's too late to take them back now. Related: My Ex-Husband Showers Our Kids With Too Many Gifts

Next, Dr. Bonnie suggests seeking closure, and the best way to do that is with the help of a friend, family member or counselor. By focusing on the good things about the relationship, you will eventually find the peace you need to move onto your next relationship. Related: Should I Stay Married For The Sake Of My Kids?

Want to hear more of Dr. Bonnie's advice? Check out the video above.

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