This Video Might Change the Way You Think About Gay Rights

By Lexi Nisita, Refinery29

The conversations surrounding equal marriage and gay rights - and the ensuing homophobia - has become vital to our nation's identity, even for those opposed to it. But how deeply do most people think about the issue, on a regular basis? This short, titled Love Is All You Need, is not perfect. But, at heart, it's asking us to step out of the politically fraught climate, where this discussion is currently taking place, and remember to see homophobia and homosexuality for what they are: human issues.

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From the government to the church, right on down to mothers and fathers, prejudice has become all too familiar in our day-to-day lives. This film is uncomfortable and meaningful to watch, no matter how you define your sexuality. Turning the tables on our current world, and presenting one where straight people are the "disgusting" ones, might just expand the way you think about the fight for equal marriage today.

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