Video Proof: Why Women Need “Game”

Girl with Game

We get asked a lot: Why do women need to learn "game"? Can't they have any man they want? This is a question many men and women ask when first learning about our show "The Girl's Game".

Men know that a lot of guys will do anything for a pretty face, and the world is a big place filled with men who have widely different standards of beauty, so surely every woman has a man out there to worship her.


Men are viewing it from the wrong perspective. Sure, women can get attention, interest and even raw, mechanical, passion-less sex.

But what if a woman wants to be appreciated for who she really is, and every guy is focusing on just her looks?

Women don't just want sex. It's always about getting "more then that," regardless of whether she wants a husband or just a fling.

We've asked the following question to dozens of women in our research:

"How many guys have you dated in the last 6 months that you were actually into?"

The answer is usually…two.

Yes, two. Maybe, sometimes, just maybe three. So in the best case scenario, it's ½ of a potential mate per month.

Increasingly in our society, women are given everything from money to fame just for their appearance, and this creates a situation where the ultra-beautiful move up in social status without having to learn to be charming, sweet, or funny.

So do these attractive women have more satisfying relationships because of this? Our research says no. They still average two good guys per six months.

Appearance alone can't hack the love equation. A large quantity of potential suitors doesn't equal high quality.

What about a hard-working, success-driven woman? After spending all her days and nights in the office, she is stuck with only her co-workers as potential romantic prospects. This is clearly not ideal.

So how does "women's pickup" a.k.a. "The Girls Game" fix this?

First off, men are scared to approach women. are terrified. The guys standing in a row at the bar or eyeing women at a coffee shop are usually paralyzed by their own anxiety. Want proof? Just watch our student Sam try to get a guy to approach her:

And if you're a guy reading this article, get it out of your head that because she's "hot," meeting men is easy for her. It's just as hard for her as it is for you. That's a fact. Watch the beautiful Kenzie get rejected to her face:

Approaching guys increases women's odds pretty massively. But after meeting a guy, the second big hurdle for a woman is getting the guys to be interesting in conversation. Most guys just aren't great at striking up conversation with new people. We gave Jackie some technology to bring out his interesting side. Here's the results:

And, again, if you're a guy reading this article, get it out of your head that showing interest in her is enough to attract her. Don't fool yourself into thinking she'll be "down" just because you're a nice guy.

She won't.

You must mutually emotionally engage each other. If a firecracker like Jackie approaches you, it'll all be over in an instant if you can't keep up with her wit. Even if she tries to stealthily guide you toward being attractive, you must ultimately prove that you have "game" as well.

We teach men to behave attractively to women, and women to be irresistible to men. This gives them the maximum opportunity to find love. We call this process "serendipity engineering." A student quickly develops seemingly magical powers of natural charm that "hook" their potential mate in seconds.

The women on the show usually receive only one day of private coaching from the team, and after that their romantic results radically change. Follow the links at the end of this article for more in-depth reading.

Sometimes learning "game" involves discovering your bad habits that everyone was too polite to reveal to you...until now. Watch Millie's dramatic improvement after fixing a few quirks:

So can women rely on looks alone? Only if they don't mind settling for unsatisfying relationships.

Should men "just be themselves?" Sure, if they only want to meet a few quality women per year...and then not know how to keep them.

These patterns of failure are right in front of you right now. You can see them in your friends, and maybe you can see them in yourself. Ignoring the truth is the easier path, but not the happier one.

So why do men and women need "game?"

Because it makes you romantically happier, faster. You learn to avoid tragic romantic mistakes. You become fine-tuned in human interaction so you can take control of your romantic future and never have to settle for less than your dream mate, date, or fling.

Mehow & DaveC - With The Girls Game Team

p.s. if you're a man, you can apply for coaching here
p.p.s. if you're a woman interested in coaching call 888mehowtv
p.p.p.s. and for all of you who think that somehow learning "game" (shhh ... it's just learning how romance really works) is going to change "who you are," don't worry. In 9 years of doing this, we certainly have never heard this complaint: "Mehow, this sucks, I'm attracting all the people I want in my life, and now I want to stop, because I don't feel like I'm being myself." Game has yet to change anybody's core personality. There are some people out there with some pretty awful core personalities, so if I could change who you really are, I'd be the first to admit that. But for now, you don't have to worry.