Watch his game system playing style, avoid being played

While talking to my best friend over the phone this evening, the topic switched to an issue we have dealt with, and know all too well: the difference between boys and men. As a single woman, it is very easy to distinguish between the two. One of the interesting things we began to discuss was how important game systems are to boys. Most of the time, a boy plays his game system frequently, whether it be Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or whatever his game of choice is. Sometimes you can't pull him off the game to save your life!

The more we talked, the more we began to analyze and use the game playing as symbolism. In conclusion of the conversation, we came to a very interesting theory: how a boy treats his game system is how he treats you, to a certain extent.

Think about it. Ever notice how a boy adores his game system, especially when he first gets it? The games get his complete, undivided attention, and a scratched video game would absolutely be the death of him, or at least it seems. He does his best to take great care of the system and the games that come with it. In the beginning, when you begin interacting with a guy, he's completely interested. He's doing everything to make you smile, saying all the things you want to hear, and trying to spend as much time as possible with you. However, as many single women have learned due to dealing with boys instead of men in this crazy dating gaem, all good things come to an end once complacency settles in. Just like a young boy, he gets distracted, and the things that once so easily kept him coming back, don't really work anymore. This can be compared to the game system. When a new and improved game system comes out, the guy no longer feels his old system is good enough. His mind is set on getting the new one. Just like in this situation, boys (not men) lose interest in women quickly, especially if they feel something new and better has presented itself. He automatically forgets about the great features of his prior system. They all of a sudden don't seem to do it for him anymore.

Once this happens, we began to doubt ourselves, and wonder what went wrong, when it was never really anything that we did. This tends to happen alot when dealing with boys and not men, because they don't do the greatest job of explaining their feelings, and sometimes you can't trust what some of them do say anyway. Now that he has this new game system, he will do one of two things: either sell or trade the old system in, or he will keep both and continue to use them, staggering the use to his desire. This of course happens in relationship situations as well. A boy will sometimes decide that the new girl may be more interesting or more compatible, and immediately drop the other woman, trading her in for something more "of the moment". Or he will do like most, and keep both women around, just like the game systems, and when he gets bored with the new girl, or she doesn't have time, he'll go right back to entertaining the other woman. This is the worst behavior, because he is obviously showing that he doesn't respect your feelings (unless you're one of those women who doesn't mind sharing). This also shows his respect for women in general, because he obviously doesn't mind juggling women, an act that shows no consideration, no respect, dishonesty, and unhealthy behavior if he's sleeping with both of you.

I'd like to take time to stress that this article only refers to boys and not men. I say this because a man will know how to treat his woman, and there would be no question of him juggling women. A real man would recognize a woman of substance,and understand that just because something new comes along that glitters, doesn't necessarily mean that it's gold. He would not be willing to trade out his reliable and emotionally valuable investment for something questionable he doesn't even know will be good for him.

So the next time you find yourself dealing with a boy instead of a man (which isn't hard to figure out), pay attention to how he treats his game system,because he may be treating you the same in a sense