Wedding Etiquette Q&A: I'm Not Close to My Aunts, Uncles and First Cousins. Do I Have to Invite Them to My Wedding?

by Brides Staff

Courtesy of Kristi Drago-Price PhotographyCourtesy of Kristi Drago-Price Photography
Sometimes, it's harder to figure out which family members to send wedding invitations to than to prune down your friend list. Our wedding etiquette experts are here to help with your family and guest questions our daily post.

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I am not very close to my aunts, uncles and first cousins. Do I have to invite them to the wedding?

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Many of us have relatives we couldn't pick out of a line-up. However, before you scratch them off the list, talk to your parents. Although it might not matter to you that your aunts, uncles and cousins aren't there to watch you tie the knot, it might matter to your folks. In the divvying up of the guest list, both sets of parents should get the same number of invites. If your parents want to use up some of their allotted invites to include these relatives, by all means let them.

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