Wedding Party Takes the Plunge

A recently married Michigan couple and their wedding party stood on a dock, having their picture taken. Suddenly, the wood began to groan. And then -- voila! -- the dock collapsed into the shallow waters of Gun Lake. They don't call it "taking the plunge" for nothing.

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For better or worse, it was all caught on video. Eric Walber and Maegan McKee (now Walber) and their party remained relatively calm and walked out of the lake, looking only a bit worse for the wear. The groom spoke with 24 Hour News 8 about the big splash. "I saw the thing starting to tilt, and I'm like, 'Oh, yup, this is going to happen,'" Walber said. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. The bride, groom, and everybody else laughed off the unexpected plunge.

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The wedding video bears a strong resemblance to a viral video of high school prom revelers from a few months back. The students stood on a pier near Lac La Belle having their pictures taken when the dock gave way. You can check out that clip below and see the similarities for yourself.