Wedding Season is Upon Us—What's the Etiquette When You're Single?

Wedding season is upon us-and I'm single.

Now, I also love weddings. LOVE. While I'm not one of those girls who jumps to plan other people's weddings (you know, the ones who eagerly go with vague acquaintances on dress appointments, the ones who can confidently rattle off the pro's and con's of buttercream versus fondant frosting, the ones who put the Katherine Heigl character from 27 Dresses to shame) But I do always tear up at weddings, love the up-all-night party, and love the fact that you're getting together to celebrate l-o-v-e.

So, as I'm looking at the summer invites-four including my cousin's wedding in England-I'm wondering a few things: Am I going solo to all of these?

Some of these are for August, so theoretically, I may have a +1 by then. But I suppose since I'm RSVPing now, I need to not count on a Prince Charming to show up in the next few weeks and RSVP for myself only . . . unless: What are your thoughts about bringing a platonic guy friend as a +1? I've done it a few times, and it's nice to have someone to talk to and dance with, although it can be awkward if he doesn't know anyone else, and I also sort of feel bad that I'm asking the bride to shell out more money for someone who's not that important to me . . . what are your thoughts on the etiquette of bringing a +1 if you're not dating.

Second: Have you ever met anyone at a wedding?

At my brother's wedding, I ended up hooking up with the photographer the night of the rehearsal dinner and couldn't look him in the eye the day of the wedding.Not so smart. But I've always heard stories about people meeting their significant others at a wedding-either catching the eye of a cute groomsman or finding themselves seated next to the bride's best guy friend from college. Is this a fantasy from too many movies or can it happen?

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