Weird Requests from Wedding Guests

Wedding guests can be pretty demanding. These particular requests from wedding guests were so strange that they left the bride and groom scratching their heads.

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Taylor Lord Photography / The Knot"The most ridiculous request was for a Blue Angels flyover for our wedding. Who do they think we are, the President?"

"When I asked one friend to be a bridesmaid she demanded three things: Change the date, change the location and give her 31 days to pray about whether she would be a bridesmaid or go to a concert."

"My groom's Uncle Ralph requested that sections of 'Self-Reliance' be read as part of the ceremony. I believe he felt a special kinship to Emerson, based solely on their shared first names. How inappropriate is it to read an essay on independence at the celebration of the joining of two persons?"

"One guest wanted a bowl of kibble and water for their puppy"

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"One guest said, 'Our 5-year-old daughter is a vegan. Can you have the chef prepare her a pasta plate with vegetables?'"

"We were asked if we could have ice cream cake at our wedding."

"We were asked to invite 'as many eligible men as we could find because it's just too hard to meet people.'"

"One of our wedding guests asked if we could move up our wedding by three months so she could attend. It was at that point we decided to cut the guest list by half."

"We are getting married by a lake and have had guests ask us if they could wear swim suits and swim in the lake during our wedding."

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"I had a guest (a single guy) ask if he could bring two dates (one for each arm), or if he could pick up the second one at the wedding."

"My maid-of-honor asked if she could pay my photographer extra money to stay and take pictures of her and her sister (my other bridesmaid) after the wedding."

"Our guests want to bring more guests - people we don't even know or have ever heard of. One guy went to his job and told everyone there, and we are getting calls and emails from strangers requesting to come. One person was already a friend of a friend, now the friend of the friend is bringing a friend!"

"I invited a guest who I had gone to school with, and she asked what colors the wedding party was wearing so that she could match!"

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