How Well Do You Know Your Erogenous Zones?

We map out the spots that will lead to feverish, panting, eye-popping climaxes. Or at least some awesome foreplay.

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Behind the Knees
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Thinner skin and plenty of nerve endings behind the knees mean that the right tickle here (think kissing, finger trailing, massaging) can send sensation straight up your thighs and into a serious hot spot.

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The Scalp
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Best part of a haircut: The scalp massage. Am I right? In between wash-and-blows, ask your partner to make your nerve-ending-filled scalp a priority. Having him rub this area will release tension and increase blood flow -- both key elements of foreplay.

The Ears
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That old blowing-in-the-ear move is often more silly than seductive, but kissing, gentle sucking or even a tender, well-placed lick can be tantalizing in the ear area. Also: Don't forget the exhilaration potential of a soft whisper -- as long as it's erotic and not, like, a question about whose turn it is to do the laundry.

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The Lips
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There's a reason that making out in high school made you feel electric, and it's not just because you were overly dramatic about everything back then. The lips are one of the most erotic spots on your body; they have more nerve endings than most any other part of your body. Five minutes of kissing on the couch -- especially if you vary the technique (slow, fast, a flitting tongue) -- can make heading into the bedroom extra stimulating.

The Neck
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Let's admit that we've all read Twilight. Vampires are onto something: necks. They're curved, lovely and highly sensual, plus they can be approached from behind. May we suggest light kisses leading from your hairline to the nape of your neck? That should get things going.

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Seeing a trend? The pulse points where you might spritz a bit of fragrance (neck, knees) are on this list because they're extra sensitive, with nerve endings close to the surface of the skin, and wrists are no exception. A light nuzzle here can rev you up, and the best part is, it's a move that your partner can do in public with no one any the wiser.

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Shocker: Nipples are responsive to all types of caressing. Because they're so filled with nerve endings, sometimes they get too stimulated. Just be sure you communicate about the level of fondling that you like; it varies a lot, but no one is into an adult-style purple nurple.

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The Clitoris
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You knew we'd get there. With the densest concentration of nerve endings of any part of the body, the clitoris is your most erogenous zone. Many women (70 to 80 percent according to research) orgasm only through direct clitoral stimulation. Hopefully we've given you some other spots to try, but let's face it: The clitoris is basically the winning lotto ticket of the Big O Jackpot!

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