What Do You Do If a Good Friend Keeps Flirting with Your Spouse?

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Dear Em and Lo,
I have a friend, let's call him "A", we used to be closer, but as time has gone by, we probably see each other every other month or so, and the occasional email of non-importance (humor, etc). I've known for a while that "A" has had a crush on my wife. In fact all my friends think she is a catch. "A" sends my wife emails several times a week, political commentaries, humor, a little bit of everything, but nothing too personal. My wife was recently hospitalized for several weeks. "A" went out of his way (30 or so miles) to see her several times a week. While she was in the hospital she was up all hours, and my friend would drunk dial her. During these conversations he would tell her about how much of a crush he has always had on her, how special he thought she was, how she should go to baseball games with him (season ticket holder), how he was lonely and needed a woman in his life, and would also ask her for advice on meeting women.

My wife was very upfront about this happening, and just blew it off as him being harmless, and that he was making up for the times when he had dropped the ball in years past when we had a mutual friend in the hospital, and he didn't step up to the plate.

When I asked her how she would feel if one of her friends called me more than her, emailed me, flirted with me, drunk dialed me, etc., my wife said she got the picture and that it would be inappropriate.

Not more than 20 minutes later my wife said she was going to call him, to make sure he wasn't embarrassed by the things he said during the drunken conversations.

Now he is coming over for dinner.

I don't have many close friends, so losing a friend really hurts. I know my wife isn't attracted to him, but I still can't stomach his behavior. I feel disrespected.

I have already been struggling with my lack of close friends, trying to figure out what I am doing wrong, why I have acquaintances instead of friends, why I no longer have deeper friendships in my life? Believe me I am keeping my therapist busy.

Do I keep this friendship? Do I try and salvage it? Or do I walk away?

-- Virtual Cuckold

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