What Hot NFL Players Want You to Know About Dating

Cosmo got the hottest guys of Monday Night Football to reveal what turns them on, their dating pet peeves, and how to land a second date. Plus, check out the sex tips guys say will drive them wild.

Wes Welker of the New England Patriots, #83
Cosmo: What's a piece of dating advice you wish women knew?
Wes: "Call me so you know where I am, follow me to see if I'm doing what I say I'm doing, hire a private investigator...but whatever you do, do not snoop through my e-mail or cell phone!" Wanta know the five times don't want you to text them? Read this.

Tony Gonzalez of the Atlanta Falcons, #88Cosmo: What is something that women don't know about men?
Tony: "When we act like we aren't listening, we really are. We hear everything you have said, but most likely just don't want to address it or answer your questions. But ladies, we do hear you. We hear everything." So don't say this about your ex-boyfriend, k?

David Anderson of the Houston Texans, #89
Cosmo: What's something a woman might say that you'd like to hear?
David: "'You don't have to pay for that.' Kidding. I would always be a gentleman and take care of the bill, of course...but really, it's always nice to hear a woman say, 'Thank you.' Those two words go a long way." Plus: Find out what men really think about your hair and make-up.

Terrell Owens of the Cincinnati Bengals , #81
Cosmo: What's something a woman can do on a first date to guarantee a second one?
Terrell: "Good communication is the key to keeping my interest. Every man notices a woman's looks first, but a beautiful mind and great conversation is what intrigues me." Read more ways to totally rock a first date.

Matt Forte of the Chicago Bears, #22
Cosmo: What is something a woman can do on a first date that would guarantee a second one?
Matt: "She can show that she has an authentic personality and have a good, genuine conversation with me. Also, I love sexy lips. I hate bad breath and bad attitudes." Find out how to get red lips that will get his adrenaline pumping, day or night.

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