What I Learned From Joining A Website For Cheaters

When Charles Orlando told his wife he was joining Ashley Madison, the extramarital affairs website, she had just three words for him:

"Don't. F&*%. Up."

You see, Orlando was joining the marrieds-seeking-affairs online dating site with research, not infidelity, in mind. The well-known relationships expert was eager to answer the question: why do married women cheat? And what better way to find answers than to ask the affair-seeking women themselves?

With his wife's blessing, Orlando created a few profiles on the website and soon found himself on a series of dates. Each of the women he met had different backgrounds and desires but all had joined Ashley Madison looking for similar things: passion, attention... and sex.

When a particularly hot-and-heavy date shakes Orlando's own marriage, the self-proclaimed "ex-player" comes to an important realization.

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