What Men Really Think About the Female Condom

Advice from three of EMandLO.com's guy friends. This week they answer the following: "How do men feel about the female condom? And if you've never had experience with one, how would you feel if your partner wanted to wear one?" To ask the guys your own question, click here.

Straight Single Guy (Tom Miller): I think I've only ever seen the female condom in a photograph. Personally, I'm torn between the discomfort of a regular condom and the terror of an accidental pregnancy or sores on my genitalia. Like pizza, even mediocre sex is pretty awesome. I think most guys would give the female condom a try, especially if the alternative is jerking off alone.

Straight Married Guy (Matt): I honestly don't know the first thing about the female condom. I've never heard another guy mention encountering one. I had to check out Wikipedia for more info, and from the alleged crinkling sounds during sex (non-latex versions, apparently) to the ability to reuse the things five times or so after washing them out* (I sure as hell hope that's five times with the same penis!), to the general design of the thing, I imagine that sex with a female condom lies just a hair above lubricated ----- on the desirability scale. I probably wouldn't have passed it up in my single days, but it's one more thing that makes me happy as hell to be in a monogamous, condomless relationship. *Note from Em & Lo: We do NOT advocate this, and neither do the makers of the female condom!! One female condom per sesh, please.

Gay Committed Guy (Terence): Totally and completely out of my depth with female condoms. Do women have condoms nowadays? When did this happen and where was I? Oh yeah, that's right. I was with my boyfriend.