What Women Want and Fear, According to Beyaz Birth Control

Grad School-
In the next frame, a diploma flies up in the air as if to say "whoops, that's you having a baby."
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 3:43 PM EDT
Beyaz is the new birth control pill that contains prenatal vitamins. That's not a bad thing from a health standpoint, but it is counterintuitive for a pill taken to prevent pregnancy. Hey, who knows what women want? One day they don't want a baby; the next day they do.

In its commercial, Beyaz illustrates the choices women face in the great retail store of life. Young women are tempted by grad school, a trip to Paris, and a stork-like bird. While I doubt a birth control producer would be politically motivated, the ad implies if you do get pregnant you're going to have the baby, which sounds like an anti-choice agenda. I've broken down the commercial into screen-by-screen shots; it certainly show what Beyaz thinks, but what do you?

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