What Your Man's Halloween Costume Says About Him

By Rosemary Brennan, Glamour magazine

Halloween is less than a week away and we're all about getting into the spooky spirit. We've shared tons of Dos and Don'ts for your own costume, but what about the getup your guy is planning on wearing to ring in the holiday? Let's chat about some of the most common Halloween costumes for dudes and what they have to say about the guys who wear 'em.

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Is your guy dressing up this Halloween? Or maybe you'd like the scoop on a cutie you spot at a costume party? Check out our super scientific round up about what a dude's costume has to say about him:

Famous musicians:
They're big fans of whatever rocker they've dressed up. Request a song from the cutie dressed as Elvis and don't be surprised when he gives the party an encore. Or two.

Characters from 300, Tarzan, Chippendales dancers etc.:
These dudes have been putting some extra time in at the gym and they'd like to show off their efforts. And if that's not the case, they've got silly senses of humor. Whatever the situation might be, throw a couple silly pickup lines his way while you're dancing to the "Monster Mash."

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Cowboys: Unless he's gone all out with his costume (we're talking chaps, cowboy boots and hat, possibly a horse-on-a-stick toy) he heard about the party last minute and just threw on a plaid shirt and jeans. Not that we're complaining. There is a reason the saying "cowboy butts drive me nuts" exists.

Police officers, firefighter and military personnel:
He actually does this for a living and didn't have time to put together a costume or he's looking to cash in on the whole man in uniform thing. We can get behind this one as long as he doesn't try to pull any sleazy stripper-inspired pick up lines. Of course, you're welcome to throw a few cheeky lines his way.

What's your favorite costume to see on guys? Movie or TV characters? Famous faces from history? Superheroes? If you're in a relationship, do you two wear matching costumes?

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