What's In The Stars For ME?!

So in an attempt to ease on coming fears about my relationship ,i read my horiscope to see if anything is being mirrored or to see if it will be mirrored in my life.

My ex but not yet my ex-husband is to marry again on the 8th of May and i have not yet received the divorce papers ,in which im looking for with a flashlight in the daytime!

Im so very tempted to call up his so-called soon to be wife and tell her the whole sorted story ,so she can do what she needs to take care of her/their situation.

Oh let me say that im not sure what she knows as far he and i ,and that she knows from my mouth that i DO NOT want him back ,anddddd im not interested in breaking them up ,just legally ending this marriage. But also i know that he has lied to her in saying that he and i are legally divorced.

He's lied in the past about sending me divorce papers saying that the lawyer messed him over on that particular thing ,but i know he was lying ,just like im thinking at the moment about this current lie of this ,which leads me to say lying is one of the reasons why he and i are not no longer together anymore.

Which all of this leads me to read my horiscope on Yahoo and to see that on the 8th and 9th my love life will pick up and get more exciting ,hummmm (8th of May is their wedding day) ,and the 9th of May is when my boyfriend and i met for the first time ,and the 10th is my boyfriends b-day ,im guessing somethings gonna happen thats for sure.

Sooooooooo just waitng in the next couple of days to see what my next move will be on this ,and waiting for next week to see what the inpending excitement is gonna be.

STAY TUNE...............