What's your favorite kind of condom?

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesSome fun facts to help us kick off World AIDS Day:

  • In 2007, the Federal Government gave $176 million to abstinence-only education, which, as we discussed a few posts back, is just going swimmingly (ahem).
  • In fact, over 30 percent (30!) of girls in the U.S. become pregnant by the age of 20.
  • Two-thirds of all people infected with an STD are under 25 years old.
  • Every year in the U.S. there are 19 million new cases of STDs.
Today is indeed World AIDS Day, so it seems like the perfect time to draw attention to a new initiative between MTV and Trojan Condoms called "Evolve One Evolve All." The idea is to draw attention and awareness to sexually transmitted diseases through an interactive website that lets you be a sexual health philanthropist of sorts, in that every click on the site goes toward Trojan giving away a million condoms. For example, go check out the resources and kinda hilarious educational videos from people like Stephen Colbert and Cobra Starship, and every time you comment or rate one, Trojan will donate a condom. If someone takes the pledge or participates in the quiz, Trojan will donate 2 condoms. Each time you forward the site, Trojan will donate 3 condoms, and you can even upload your own video, which results in the donation of 5 condoms. You get the idea...

That adds up to a lot of rubbers. And not only can the proper use of a condom help prevent unwanted pregnancies, they can also save lives. So go play around on their site. Just don't forget to come back here and give your two cents. Oh and while you're still here you tell us: What's your favorite type of condom (ribbed, flavored, etc)?


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