When she is into you!

She looks foward to talking to you again how so? by sending you a text with how was your day? meaning she truly does care to hear from you*

She also puts plenty of effort in looking extra delicious everytime she sees you along with smelling yummy... so that you will notice

She makes eye contact along little gestures here and there, the body language says it all and unlike men we ask because we want to make sure that we're not wasting time. We like feedback on how you see us.

Her eyes will either be on you or on the food during dinner. Not that we're walking on egg shells or anything, but we know that you're looking. It's that intuition, also she will take you to her favorite spots so that you will get a feel of what she likes and makes it easier on you.

She has that much of a better outlook why? because you are on her mind!