When to Introduce The New Guy to Your Friends

By Rosemary Brennan, Glamour magazine

If you're casually dating a fellow, when should he meet your pals? Let's help one Smitten reader decide, shall we?

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Writes one anonymous reader:

I'm currently dating someone non-exclusively (we met online) I'm having some friends over for a party in two weeks. Should I mention the party to the guy? By then we will have hopefully gone on five or six dates. I don't want to scare him away or make a big deal by introducing him to my friends too soon.

A cheese platter and sushi? Clearly these stock photo party people know how to have a good time!

And here's what I think:

Thanks for reaching out, darling! Meeting each other's pals can be a nerve-wracking step in a relationship even if things aren't super serious between you and your beau.

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If you're having a big bash or even a low-key get together, I'd say go ahead and invite the new guy. Be mellow in the way you extend your invitation. After all, this shin dig wasn't planned for the purpose of introducing him to your circle, right? You could say something casual like, "I'm having a few friends over for drinks (or whatever!) two Saturdays (or whenever!) from now. You're welcome to join us." Also, be sure to tell him what kind of party this is-cocktail, watching a game or fight, end of summer blowout, etc. Plus if there are going to be a ton of guests at the party, you won't feel as pressured to stick by his side all night; you can be a great host and mingle with your guests. If your celebration is something a bit more intimate, like a cozy dinner party or your bestie's birthday, I'd proceed with caution. It might make things between you two seem more serious than they are.

What do you think our reader should do? When do you think is an appropriate time to introduce a new guy to friends? Would you wait until things got serious or exclusive before having your beau meet your pals?

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