Where Should My Bridesmaids' Dates Sit?

Brinton Studiosby Lisa Birnbach, Brides

Prodigal plus-ones? Wandering guests? Parental power plays? Lisa Birnbach, author of
The Official Preppy Handbook, helps you navigate wedding planning with grace.

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For our head table, we'd like to sit at a regular round table with the bridal party, but what do we do with their dates? -Steph G. of Wenham, Mass., via Facebook

Dear Steph,

Ten minutes, tops. That's the amount of time you and your husband will probably spend at the head table before leaving to mingle with other guests. So may I suggest another shape-long, rectangular, and large enough to accommodate everyone? If you do insist on a regular round, you should seat their dates at a table close to yours, so your best friends can enjoy your wedding reception, too.

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