Where to Find a Man: Tips for Man Seekers

It's the million dollar question -- where to find a man? Not just any man, THE man, the one you'll walk into the sunset with and have that happily ever after. As a professional matchmaker, I can tell you that it's a question that plagues even the most independent wWhere to find a man?omen.

If finding your soulmate is on your to do list for 2013, consider applying these tips to your search technique. Many times, it's how you seek potential romantic partners that is more important than actually where to find a man.

Leave your girlfriends at home. (Basically, don't hunt in packs!) Ever notice how the most competitive girl in the group tends to meet guys easier? She's not afraid to put herself out and can't help herself but to compete with you. (Competitive dating is a reality!) Hunt for a guy on your own or least bring a friend who won't mind letting you shine!

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Write out his (pretend) dating resume. This is more of an exercise for you than it is for him. The question, "Where to find a man?" needs to be preceded with who do I want to find? Should he be educated? Should he have shared interests? Can you date a divorcee? Know who you want before you start searching.

Assess yourself realistically. Okay, here's the truth. While confidence will take you miles and miles, you do need to have a care for how you look. Guys like Daniel Craig or Alex Skaarsgard don't hook up with anyone frumpy looking. Make upgrades if you need to and be realistic about who may be interested in you. (Harsh, but true.)

Change your routine if you want to find a guy. Instead of passing through the drive thru, go inside. Don't sign up to have the paper delivered to your front door, get out of the house! If you want to find a guy, you have to go where the men are -- outside!

Feeling adventurous? Consider dating a bad boy. You may not keep him for long but he's fun to have around the house -- at least for a little while.

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