Who are these tramps?

I've heard so much talk about Tiger Woods over the past month that I think my ears are about to burst. I compare this story to a car accident that just won't go away. Countless so-called experts have appeared on television, radio, and elsewhere to discuss "the problem" with Tiger and how he could have gotten himself in to this mess. The fact of the matter is that we can all talk, speculate and gossip until we are blue in the face and never quite come up with an answer or pinpoint a cause. Truth is, Tiger wasn't the first and he damn sure isn't going to be the last to succumb to temptation and the lure of constant ego stroking coupled with abundant access to sexual fulfillment. But this story goes much farther than Tiger and his multiple, inexcusable transgressions. What many people seem to have forgotten is that during each of Tiger's escapades, there was more than one person who was in the room enjoying the moment and knew that what they were doing was wrong…but unfortunately neither one cared.

So, taking the focus off of Tiger for a moment, my question is this: Who are these tramps who think it is perfectly okay to sleep with another woman's husband? Who are these tramps who knowingly decide to co-conspire with a married man to destroy his family? I'll tell you who they are, they are women who have no ability to empathize with anyone and feel it is their right to be happy regardless of the cost to others. They are the women who feel that since he's gonna cheat with someone, it might as well be with them. They are the women who believe that if his wife was "taking good enough care of him" then he wouldn't be cheating in the first place. They are the women who believe that they would be a much more suitable mate for him because of the crap he's told them about his wife. They are the women who believe it is all about them, their bragging rights and their happiness, albeit temporary, and decide to screw over anyone who gets in their way. They are the women who could never maintain decent friendships with other females growing up because they were ultra competitive, back stabbing, egocentric bitches that no one could get along with for too long. They are the women who will likely never obtain true happiness because of the evil they have inflicted upon others. They are the women who feel their self worth is connected to whomever they find themselves laying naked with. They are women who are hopeless, helpless, clueless, useless, naïve, weak, pitiful and haven't the slightest inkling as to what it takes to build or maintain a real relationship with a REAL man. They are the women who save their voicemail messages, text messages, stained blue dresses and other trinkets as self imposed validation that they are more than worthless. Yes, they will cherish and hold on to anything, but sadly for them, they are seldom able to hold on to what they want most…another woman's husband.

Whether it's the star struck groupie or the everyday tramp who works to help undermine a marriage and tear apart a family, their story is the same…pathetic. But it really doesn't have to be this way. What it all boils down to is this, if every woman approached by Tiger, or any other married man, simply declined his advances and took the moral high road, things would likely turn out a whole lot differently, because as women, we hold the power. I know that sounds extremely simplistic but just think about it, if we weren't lined up around the block to screw other women's husbands, and developed unity and sisterhood amongst ourselves, we might not have this same drama unfolding day after day. However unfortunately, as long as there is money, power, stupid men and lonely women, there will continue to be tramps who define themselves solely by the meaningless occurrence of a married man using them to release himself before heading home to the wifey.

Just my humble opinion.