Who is your movie BF?

Lloyd Dobbler from Say Anything-
"In Your Eyes" will never sound as good as it did when blaring from the boom box of Dobler, a kid-loving kick-boxer who went to the mat for his lady.
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 4:54 PM EDT
The best part of summer? Falling in love for two hours in the dark. No, we're not talking about actors here--though God knows we've had plenty of IMDB-assisted obsessions with the Hollywood set--we're talking about fictional characters that live in a way we'd like to think was possible in real life, or answer a question we didn't know we were asking, or just come across so vividly that we can't stop thinking about them when we're back home. Here's our shortlist of characters we fell in love with (or at any rate, would have if we could have). Did we miss your movie BF?