Who Would You Rather Double Date With? The Obamas or Kate and Will?

Will and Kate are just a normal couple!The CambridgesThis past week we watched the Obamas meander around Martha's Vineyard, while across the pond the other most powerful couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have been wandering around Wales. I love that two of the most powerful couples in the world still attempt to lead "normal" lives, even when it comes to dates! Michelle and Barack dine out!The Obamas

With designer duds, first-class travel, and Michelin-star chefs at their fingertips, it is actually somewhat refreshing to see these power couples attempt average dating. Strangely enough, the two couples actually have similar dating styles! Let's take a peek at three of their similar dates and see which couple seems like the most fun to double date with.

Dating Should Be An Adventure:

Last month Kate and Will grabbed their paddles and set out on a canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness. Earlier this week, the Prez and his lady hopped on their bikes for a little trail riding in Martha's Vineyard. Both couples clearly enjoy being outdoors! The best part is that exploring Mother Nature is practically free, which makes it a great cheap date!

The Double Date Winner:
Kate and Will! Is it weird that I have the Davy Crockett song buzzing through my head when I see pictures of them paddling across the lake? They look like they are on the Davy Crockett Disneyland ride! The pair look like they are genuinely enjoying exploring the outdoors, and that canoe ride looks like serious, adventure-dating fun!

The "We're Totally Normal" Date:

The President and First Lady dashed in for some takeout on their dinner date this week at Nancy's in Oak Bluffs, Mass. From the looks of it, they stopped and chatted with the wait staff and ordered some local fare! Kate and Will snuck in the back door of a movie theater in their hometown of Anglesey, to catch a comedy flick. Onlookers said the couple looked loved up and Wills was quite affectionate to his blushing bride.

The Double Date Winner: The Obamas! As much as Kate and Will were trying to be normal, they still snuck in the back door. Sorry -- normal people use the front door! Michelle and Barack look like they'd be a blast to hang with for a "normal date" night, but they also make sure to remember that their status comes with responsibility.

The Dancing Duo:

Who doesn't love to take their sweetie out for a spin on the dance floor? We already knew Obama could cut a rug when we saw him bust a move with Ellen Degeneres, but his most notable date night dance was when he waltzed with Michelle at the Inauguration Ball. Meanwhile, back in 2007, Will put a mile-wide smile on Kate's face as he twirled her around the dance floor at a local club.

The Double Date Winner: Will and Kate! The pair look like they are having an absolute blast! I imagine it would be loads of fun to hit the dance floor after drinking a pint at the pub with the young couple. I also have a funny feeling that despite Will's prim and proper upbringing, he probably really knows how to break it down.

These are just a few of their dates, but nonetheless, it looks like the Obamas and Will and Kate know how to keep the fun in their very public relationships. Which couple do you think would be the most fun to double date with?