Who's The Cuddliest Celebrity?

Air New Zealand found that George Clooney, Johnny Depp and wow, Sarah Palin top the list!

-PJ Gach, BettyConfidential.com

Cuddly celebsCuddly celebs

Who would you like to cuddle? Air New Zealand polled U.S and UK adults this past September. They wanted to know what celebrity would make a great companion on a long flight. Who would you like to fall asleep next to on a plane? They did the poll as a way of celebrating their new Cuddle Class. The results are surprising!

38 percent of women in the United States polled said they'd be very happy to share a Skycouch with Johnny Depp. 36 percent preferred George Clooney.

U.S guys want to nap next to Jennifer Aniston, a whopping 47 percent. Up next, with 37 percent was Megan Fox. And you know who came in third? Believe it or not, Sarah Palin with 24 percentof the vote! Yup, Sarah Palin beat the Kardashians, Mila Kunis and Beyonce.

Over in the UK, 31 percent of women polled said they'd happily snore next to Orlando Bloom, 11 percent wanted to sit next to Robert Pattinson. The royal brothers: Prince Harry andPrince William were ahead of the sexy vampire. 18 percent of women wanted to snuggle next to Prince Harry and 14 percent wanted Prince William.

UK men wanted Catherine Zeta-Jones, then Emma Watson. Catherine got 44 percent of the vote and Emma's voted tallied up to 30 percent. They topped the list of UK female celebs. The list included Victoria Beckham (too boney perhaps?), Sienna Miller and Cheryl Cole.

Tell us: whose shoulders would you like to rest your head against on a flight?

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