Who's your wingwoman?

The other night, I went to a party with my friend Jane. Jane brought her coworker and friend Alice, whom I'd never met.

Immediately, Alice introduced herself. Then, as we headed over to the makeshift bar to get a drink, she turned to me. "Jane told me you're 26 and single. I am, too. What do you say about meeting men together?"

And I have to say, I LOVED her honesty and forthrightness! We made tentative plans to hang out sometime (and as the conversation continued, I have to add that it's not just that we're single, we also both work in publishing, have an unhealthy love for YA fiction and like yoga), and I'm excited about making a new friend!

All too often, I find it so hard to take new friends to the next level. I don't know about you, but I always feel uncomfortable asking a new acquaintance to hang out-it really is like asking someone on a date! So, if anything, it was great to find a new friend.

And that brings up the question-do you have a wingwoman when you're out? Or did you when you were dating? Did you ever have a friend set you up with a guy? And do you ever feel awkward asking a new friend to hang out?

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