Why a Woman Fantasizes About Her Contractor

Take notes, gentlemen!

Whether you're gutting a fixer-upper, adding on a master suite, or updating a blast-from-the-past kitchen, your contractor is the go-to guy. He's in charge. He's attentive. He works with his hands. He's eager to please. Is it any wonder that the lady of the house often develops a little crush? Here, 9 reasons a Tool Belt Tony can make any woman weak in the knees.

1. He's A Good Listener

A couple may hire a contractor together, but most of the time, it's the woman of the house who gets into the details with him as the weeks roll by. He's constantly asking her opinion about stuff large and small-where to put the outlets, say, or whether she really wants a wood floor in the bath. And he listens to her answers. He consults with her; he's interested in what she thinks. And, you know ladies, he actually makes eye contact when he talks, and works hard to communicate, instead of grunting and shrugging while punching buttons on the TV remote. Having a man around the house who hangs on her every word makes a woman feel all warm inside.

2. He's A Good Talker Too

The average man may not want to debate the aesthetic merits of stainless-steel versus satin-nickel hardware in the kitchen, but a contractor has to if he wants the best possible outcome for the job. He'll answer a female homeowner's questions in complete sentences, and even ask follow-up questions. And sometimes, if she's lucky, he'll even go shopping with her, taking her to the stoneyard to look at slabs for the countertop, say, or guiding her through the aisles at the plumbing-supply store to find just the right farmhouse sink.

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3. He's Taking Care of Her
Consider it a primal response to a man providing shelter; kind of like the males of some bird species who make a nest in order to attract a female. Some wiring in a woman's brain may help her see the physical labor involved in the remodel as a kind of unspoken mating ritual. She loves her house, and he knows how to take care of it, which feels like taking care of her. He's at home in the physical world of furnaces and hot-water heaters, which makes her feel protected and safe.

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4. He's Got Muscles

Listen up guys: He's not stuck behind a desk all day, barely able to squeeze in a workout. He gets physical on a daily basis, which makes him look good in his T-shirt and jeans, and maybe nets him a tan, too. So he can hoist four boxes of tile to clear a path through the kitchen for her without breaking a sweat-with a smile on his face, even-which makes him seem gallant to boot.

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