Why Am I Never Satisfied?

Do you ever wonder why we are unable to find satisfaction in anything that we do?
We try something new, like it for a while, but pretty soon, we're looking for something new to fulfill our need for pleasure. Our personal relationships suffer, either from our unhappiness and desire to find what's missing, or our partners. Even more devastating, we see this with our children and the rise of drug use and suicide.

I know what this is like - I myself have gone from one thing to another for years, searching for something that satisfies the need I have inside to be fulfilled. On a very simple level we could compare this to our desire for food. We may be craving ice cream and that first bite tastes so good, but very soon, as we get our fill and are satisfied, our desire disappears. For years we have been trying to satisfy our desires, but the more we eat, the hungrier we seem to get, and our desires intensify.

Actually desire is the driving force behind everything we do. Our desires make us move, search for improvements, and new ways to satisfy our hunger for delights. Without this driving force we would become stagnant. We are evolved this way. Each generation comes into this world with a move evolved desire for pleasure than the former generation.

This is why today we see more and more people are seeking something deeper and truer than they have in this world, something that will fill that void and emptiness they feel. This is when the ultimate desire begins, the search for the meaning of life..

"I'd love to hear your comments about these topics, or if you have questions that you would like answered from a Kabbalistic perspective … "