Why do guys like younger women?

Andrew H. Walker/Getty ImagesAndrew H. Walker/Getty ImagesWe've never really understood why men love dating younger women. Yes, admittedly they often have hotter bodies and fewer wrinkles. Perhaps they have less baggage too, since they are less experienced. But really, is that enough to formulate a relationship? Are men expecting that type of May-December romance to last?

And no, we're not jealous. Would we like to be 18 again? Maybe for one day. We have worked hard to become the strong and successful women we are today, and we think we're pretty awesome. A far better catch than a pretty young thing with no world experience who can't keep up an intelligent conversation! Or so we thought.

We turned to two male bloggers for insight on the cradle-robbing phenomenon. Ryan Dodge of Glamour understands the desire to date younger chicks, but he himself sticks to older gals. Rich Santos of Marie Claire has a penchant for hitting on younger ladies, though admits his relationships are probably going nowhere.

Check out their takes, Four reasons why men love younger women and 5 reasons guys rob the cradle and weigh in with your own opinions below.