Why do people "FLIRT"

Somebody asked me, "Why do people flirt?" My answer is, " Well it depends on what type of person it is that is flirting. In my book there are three types of flirts.

The First type are usually loose and promiscuous. They are flirting, but there intentions are far beyond just flirting. They are like lions out for the weakest prey they can catch. Once they snag you it's on to another piece of meat. They are sluts and will always be sluts cause that's what they do.

The second type are just out for attention so they just flirt to get other people to notice them. Usually they are insecure or deprived of attention from their spouse or lover so they do it for mental satisfaction. They do it to validate to themselves and other people that they are still wanted.

The third type is the most dangerous because they are mentally manipulative. This type are completely confident and are usually very attractive. They are also very loyal in their relationship. But their flirting techniques are the most skillful of all the flirting types. They will go really far to make the object of their affection jealous or even to get revenge. And in most cases during their flirting sprees it will look like so much more than flirting, and the thing is they don't care because they know for sure that they will not cross any boundaries that are not moral. However, to outsiders their display of flirting looks like something way more than flirting. And that is what they want to project to others. These are the types that cause plenty of drama concerning members of the opposite sex. These are the types that can get you killed because their display of fake affection arouses extremely jealous behavior in those who are seeking their devotion. But what people who seek their attention should know is that there is only one SUITOR who completely has All, and even the one who has it all is not ever really sure. You must with this type make it know that they are everything to them, and in turn they will do the same. Otherwise, this type will DRIVE YOU CRAZY! And never even have to cheat to do it!!!!!!!.........