Why Are the Expectations for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties so Different?

7 Hunk-Filled Movies to Watch at Your Bachelorette PartyBy Cathleya Schroeckenstein, Lover.ly

Speaking in generalities, I've noticed a distinct difference in the ways bachelor and bachelorette parties are conducted, for all parties involved.

My husband and I had similar, yet very different bachelor/bachelorette parties. While we went on two different weekends, we both went to Las Vegas. Vegas is a natural choice for Californians; transportation from the airport is easy (and if you use the shuttles, very cheap), people from LA can drive, and flights from Northern California are pretty reasonable. This is exactly why I personally chose Vegas. For my husband, and his many friends that hold their bachelor parties in Vegas, this is not the case. They choose Vegas because it is an adult male playground, with anything they'd want at their fingertips… luxurious suites, great steak houses, and strip clubs.

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For men, bachelor parties are often no-expense-spared affairs. Flights to anywhere, suites, lavish meals, bottle service at clubs. On the other hand, the bachelorette parties, are planned with budget in mind: reasonably priced meals, easy access to the destination, and girls sharing rooms/houses en masse. The more reasonable the cost of the trip, the more enthusiastic women generally act.

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It seems like it all comes down to attitudes in money, and cultural expectations about what a bachelor/bachelorette party is set to achieve. Bachelor parties, whether they accomplish this or not, are treated as "last hurrahs" before the groom settles down. Bachelorette parties seem to be almost a residual portion of wedding planning: the groom is having a party, so we guess the bride should, too. But women involved (bride, bridesmaids, and girlfriends) don't seem to be as on-board for the all-out hoorah as their male counterparts.

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Why do you think it is that men are willing to go all out for their bachelorette parties, while their fiancees are looking for more of a "bang for your buck" experience? Was/is your experience with bachelor/bachelorette parties similar?


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