Why Hasn't Pippa Middleton Confirmed or Denied Her Rumored Engagement? (We're Dying Over Here!)

by Sarah Jio

Courtesy of Getty ImagesCourtesy of Getty Images

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When Kate and Will tied the knot, the world fell in love with ... Pippa Middleton. And as the years passed, we watched the littlest Middleton's dating life unfold and, yes, secretly hoped she'd have her fairytale ending like her big sis. And now, it looks like she might! Rumors are swirling that Pippa, our favorite un-royal, is getting hitched to her boyfriend of one year, banker Nico Jackson, 36. And while the pair do look like a lovely match, the news of an engagement is purely speculative right now, since neither Pippa nor Nico have confirmed or denied that they got engaged on a recent trip to India, where they reportedly vacationed at a $2,000-a-night romantic hot spot.

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So why hasn't Pippa said anything yet? Here's our best guesses:

She Probably Doesn't Want to Start the Media Circus: The moment Pippa announces her engagement, we're certain: Planning her wedding will be her new full-time job. There will be legions of press following her every move, decisions about planning details that will seem as important as national security, and she'll be at the very center of it all. Maybe she wants to keep things as quiet as she can before the cat's out of the bag? And we certainly don't blame her.

She Needs to Collect Her Thoughts: Engagements often happen in moments of heightened emotion. They can be fast and furious, and often surprising. If Nico did propose in India, perhaps it caught her off guard? And maybe she needs some time to simply process, or let it sink in.

She Has Doubts: Take away all the magazine headlines, and she's just a girl (like any of us!) who is probably trying to navigate her own life in uncharted waters. The sea can get a little rocky sometimes, and maybe she's unsure of whether Nico is her man or not (haven't we all been there?). If she said yes on a whim, maybe she's trying to decide if the relationship really has lifelong roots. (After all, we know that if this doesn't work out, there's a long line of men in Britain, and around the world, who'd love a chance with Ms. P.)

She's, Well, Not Really Engaged: And maybe we're reading into this a wee bit too much. Perhaps Pippa and Nico are not engaged. But, we admit to being hopeful for a 2014 almost-royal wedding to gossip about all year. Pippa, please?

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