Why He's Not Introducing You to His Parents

When we were younger, meeting the parents was a prerequisite to dating; if a guy did not come to the door to pick me up, he was forever banished into the "Not a Nice Boy" category by Mom and Dad. That came in addition to him tagging along to Family Movie Night, and having to leave my bedroom door open when we were hanging out.

Now, meeting the parents means one thing, and one thing only: you either are in, or are on your way to, a serious relationship. But what happens if you've been together months, practically live together, yet you have yet to even glimpse his childhood home? Here are a few possibilities before you decide to call it quits:

His parents are crazy

Generally we grow out of the whole "my parents embarrass me" thing when we're 16, but it's possible there's something about his that still make him blush. Maybe they're super religious, and meeting you will basically cement his future to premarital maybe-bliss with you. It could really have nothing to do with you, but rather, them. Drop a few hints about your own crazy parents, like how your dad walks around in his underwear, or how your mom sings Cyndi Lauper while she's cleaning. It might take the pressure off, and crazy parents are totally something to bond over.

They know something he doesn't want you to know

I knew a girl in college who dated this guy for a year (a year!), and never thought twice about the fact he never invited her home on vacation, until she IMed him once during Thanksgiving, only to get a response from someone who claimed to have been his girlfriend the past three years. Yep...turns out he had a girl back home, whom his parents loved. If your guy is suspicious, seems nervous whenever you try and learn about his home life, or skittish when you mention going home with him...just don't rule something like this out. It happens. All in all...trust your gut.

You're sending out wedding vibes

Some girls dream of the perfect husband, wedding, and babies from the time they're little girls. (They do...I'm not making it up.) It's entirely possible you're giving out vibes that suggest to him you're surfing tiffany.com when he's not around. Guys tend to do one of two things; freak out and back away, or cling to you like you're the last copy of Grand Theft Auto IV. If you want to settle down soon, and he doesn't, meeting the parents is one step in the direction he doesn't want to go in.

You're not the kind of girl you take home to Mom (and you had no idea)

Maybe hes from, like...rural Iowa, and you were born and raised in sunny L.A. If you show more skin than morals, and your mouth sounds more like Courtney Love than Taylor Swift, it's possible your mid-Western dude is nervous that you'll scare the bejesus out of his parents. You're just being you, and the parents you know love you. If you think this is the case, sit down and explain that you're not changing, and if he loves you, he needs to be proud of everything you are; which means introducing you, tattoos and all.

When it really comes down to it, you need to talk about anything that bothers you that's left unexplained. If he can't honestly tell you the reason for anything...you might have a bigger problem than just not meeting his parents.

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