Why is STD Testing for Men Different?

Some symptoms of STDs in men sometimes differ from that of women. For one thing, men are built differently from women. Biologically, the male reproductive organ is external, meaning it is exposed. Most of the female reproductive organs are internal, or hidden like the uterus and cervix. Therefore if there are any physical signs of STD infection, most of the time it is more evident in men than in women.

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Let's take a closer look at the physical make-up of the penis. The head of the penis is covered by mucous membranes. Mucous membranes are not the same like the skin because it allows some pathogens to enter the body. Pathogens usually enter the body thru breaks and tears in the skin. Pathogens are very tiny and can penetrate even the smallest skin opening. The penis is very vulnerable to pathogens especially during sexual intercourse. The friction during penetration of the vagina or anus or mouth could cause these tiny breaks on the mucous membranes on the head of the penis. This makes most infections enter the male body thru the penis.

Some signs of STD infections appear on the area where the bacteria or virus entered the body. For example, Chancres or sores which are indicative of Syphilis appear on the spot where it penetrated the skin. In males they usually appear on the shaft or head of the penis, the scrotum and in the groin area. Although the head of the penis is made of mucous membranes, it does not produce mucous. However, discharges exit thru the opening of the penis. From these vital signs alone it is conclusive that STDs is far easier to detect in males than the opposite gender.

Likewise when STD testing for men is conducted, a visual inspection of the male organ is done first. Some infections can easily be determined just by looking at the severity of its appearance on the penis. If it's the curable type of STD, they can simply recommend some oral and topical medications. Some men engage in penis to anus penetrative sex. Some STD symptoms may show on the anus so they may also conduct an inspection in this area. For men who engage in penis to mouth sex, some STD symptoms may appear in the throat or mouth. Abnormal sores in the lining of the mouth can be signs of HIV.

Aside from the physical examination, there are the actual tests for STDs. Procedures in STD testing for men is different depending on the type of the disease. Most commonly samples of blood, urine, saliva and penile discharges are gathered depending on the requirements of that particular disease test being taken. These samples are sent to a laboratory to be analyzed. The results will determine accurately what type of bacteria or virus has infected the person and its degree of severity. Blood tests will reveal the level of antibodies that are invading the system. From these results, the health practitioners can recommend the proper treatment and medication for the disease. STD testing for men is very vital in the early detection of STD symptoms and its immediate treatment.

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