Why Is The "No Contact" Rule So Effective For Getting Your Ex To Come Back?

If you're one of the desperate souls out there on the internet looking for ways to Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend or girlfriend after they've dumped you, you've most likely read about the idea of "no contact". This concept is popular for the simple reason that it flat out works! In fact, you could do nothing at all other than avoid contact with your ex, and more often than not, he or she will be the one to eventually contact you!

So why is avoiding your ex such an effective way to get them to reconsider their decision to break up?

First of all, if you're not communicating with your ex, then they won't see what an emotional wreck you are. It's completely natural to become emotional and depressed when you've just been dumped, but the more needy, depressed, or desperate you act around your ex, the more unattractive you become. So avoiding contact acts as a preventative measure in this sense, so you don't make the situation worse by letting your ex see you when you're in a funk trying to get your emotions under control.

Secondly, your ex will EXPECT you to beg, plead, and try to get back together. If you make no contact with them at all, it will mess with their head a little and they're definitely going to wonder why they haven't heard from you. They'll start thinking all sorts of different things, like maybe you're moving on already, or even possibly have another romantic interest lined up. Trust me, this will be good as they'll likely start to second guess their decision once they see that you're ok with the breakup and moving on with your life (or at least appear to be anyway!).

Finally, the time apart will give your ex a chance to actually miss you. Chances are that you're used to seeing each other all the time, and with all the stress in the relationship lately, the two of you simply might just need some time away from each other for a while. If someone has had intense feelings for you for the past few months or longer, those feelings aren't simply going to go away in an instant. You can bet that your ex will at least be thinking about you, whether they say they are or not. By leaving them alone with their own thoughts, you're giving them the chance to actually see what life is like without you... and oftentimes they'll realize their life was better with you in it! Read More >>>