The Skinny on Why Marriage Makes You Fat

Muffin Top MarriageMuffin Top MarriageYou're going to gain weight. It's a fact. At least that's what most people told me prior to me getting married. My love handles would become "a whole lot" of love handles and more often than not, I would reach for the stretchy clothes. Turns out they were right. With each passing month of marriage my clothes became more snug, more uncomfortable, and as a result I found myself hiding behind chunky sweaters and constantly asking my husband the dreaded question - "Do I look fat in this?"

Since being married people have looked at my husband stating, "You look like you've been eating well," they glance at me as if I could take credit for it. Perhaps he has been eating more but as much as I would like to I can't take credit for the "eating good" part. There's a reason my husband doesn't usually get seconds on the nights I cook.

According to a study, cited in The Huffington Post, marriage tends to result in more of you to love. In the study, conducted by Ohio State, people gained on average 20 pounds after taking that trip down the aisle.

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There are many possible scenarios that are said to be causing weight gain after marriage. The article cites reasons such as watching television and engaging in less activity. I know for my husband and I these days it feels like we are running around and doing even more than we were before we were married. We have more responsibility and less time. Exercise, although important, is one of the first things to get put on the back burner when things get busy. Running around and skipping meals and snacking while doing homework or to stay awake while working have all attributed to the demise of our pre-marriage waistlines. Oh and of course pregnancy too, because mamas aren't the only ones to gain weight during pregnancy.

While I am quite eager to wear something that doesn't have an elastic waist, I'm still working on finding my stride. I am also finding it far too hard to resist dessert. People claim that women tend to let themselves go after we get married. I will admit sometimes I look at myself and I am not happy with what I see. I fall into a habit of putting everything before taking care of me but I am getting better slowly but surely. It's not that I "let myself go," it's that I let everything else in my life take priority.

So, there you have it. Marriage means more. And in turn that means something aside from my waistline has got to give.

- By Krishann Briscoe
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