Why Women Are Addicted to Twilight

Confession: I am a Twilight Mom.

At least I think I am.

After watching all three Twilight flicks in two days, reading all four books in just 2.5 days, covering a Cast + Concert Tour here in Chicago plus the Breaking Dawn screening last night - while happily getting sucked into it all - I think it's safe to say I'm officially a Twihard, right?

... Or maybe even insane according to Robert Pattinson's most recent quotes regarding the saga's screamy fan base floating around the internet.

Either way, my mind is a little blown (in a good way) that such a fantastical saga could ignite such a fangs vs. fur frenzy.

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Until all this talk about moms being too old to dig Twilight came to light - something "Twilight Moms" founder (the group is 45,000 members strong) Lisa Hansen touched on at the fourth flick's L.A.'s black carpet premiere.


I'm barely over 30. Ok, and while I'm obviously not in the midst of my emo teen years anymore, and my house isn't filled from carpet to ceiling with cardboard cutouts of Edward Cullen or replicas of Bella Swan's beat up truck and Jacob Black as a wolf, I still remember the days of love triangles, first kisses, head-over-feet crushes and all the consuming/intoxicating/insane/passionate intensity that comes along with it.

Granted, no one swooped in to save me from a hurtling van about to crush me like a pop can, but still. Did no one watch Saved By The Bell? Kelly Kapowski, Zach Morris and A.C. Slater drove me nuts with their drama and heartstrings being pulled in all directions.

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Memorizing excerpts from Romeo and Juliet in high school school, studying Byronic heroes in college, getting wrapped up in Nicholas Sparks novels while on tour buses. It all boils down to raw intensity and gut-wrenching anticipation. We've all been there. And, us moms know what it's like to have our ribcages rearranged by budding babies trying to get a womb with a view, and all the feelings of fierce protectiveness and overwhelming love that come with sharing your body with another human you've had a hand in creating for nine months.

And sure, I think Rob Pattinson is a fox, and yes, I agree Taylor Lautner is pretty easy on the eyes, too - I'm old, not blind - but they're young yet, so it's really about more than sparkling vamps and werewolves so hot you could share a sleeping bag with 'em. It's about revisiting those feelings of youth. Remembering what romance was like back in the day. Reliving that surreal walk down the aisle. Marveling at making it through a traumatic delivery. Escaping from the domestica for a while. Thanks for that last one especially, Stephanie Meyer.

Are you a Twilight Mom?

- By Pilar Clark

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