Why the Old Spice Guy Might Be the Best Boyfriend Ever.

Isaiah MustafaIsaiah MustafaWe chatted with the fairly photogenic Isaiah Mustafa, currently responsible for making us wish our guy smelled like an Old Spice man, about the holidays, what he'll be getting his lady, and why the only thing you need to keep a relationship alive is an old disco classic...

Real Beauty: In your eyes, what's the sexiest beauty move a woman can do?

Isaiah Mustafa: I like to watch a woman accessorize. From putting on eyelashes to even a nice pair of shoes or boots.

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RB: You like to watch her actually putting them on?

IM: Yes. It can be really sexy, trust me.

RB: What's the ideal amount of time for a woman to take to get ready? Is it a turn-off if she takes forever?

IM: You cannot put a time limit on how long it takes a woman to get ready. It takes time! If you're going to be late because of it, it's okay. Guys just have to appreciate how much time his woman put into looking so good.

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RB: Have you picked up any beauty tricks from a woman?

IM: The whole cucumber under the eye is a good one. And I always admire how much time a woman spends washing her face. It's amazing.

RB: As we start our holiday shopping, tell us: Any bad gifts to give a man?

IM: I don't know anything you can give me that I'm going to hate.

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RB: But what if a girl has just started dating a guy and she gives him something extreme, like an album filled with pictures of them together?

IM: Listen, I'm a big proponent of love in relationships, so anything that's a monument of love…it's essential. Most guys could use a 'Story of Us' type of book. And then they should read it. There's a Gwen McCrae song, "Keep the Fire Burning," that I'm thinking of. Gifts really for a couple are great.

RB: So what will you be gifting the special lady in your life this year?

IM: You know, on a first date my girl saw something and mentioned it. I might pick up that and give it to her. I won't say anything, just slide it on over. If you want to be good gift giver, all you have to do is listen.

Paging Isaiah's girl: You've got a good one, girlfriend.

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