Why Prince Harry Is Single

By Rosemary Brennan, Glamour magazine

Oh Henry! According to People, Prince Harry and model Florence Brudenell-Bruce have called it quits. The two had been dating since June. Apparently their breakup has something to do with career and distance. I think many of us can relate.

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While the Prince and his gal had a ball canoodling this summer, the royal now wants to focus on his military career. People and the Daily Mail report that Harry "doesn't want to commit to any relationship while he's in the midst of getting 'combat ready' in his helicopter training." Plus his training will soon take him across the pond; he and his unit will be hitting the deserts of Arizona, where they'll remain until the holidays, to prepare for combat.

Breakups are never any fun, but in this case, I totally applaud the couple's decision. Long distance relationships are hard no matter what, and if you've only been dating a short time-especially if you're not terribly serious about each other-why not part on good terms and remain friends?

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Plenty of my friends have blamed their breakups on careers. And it makes sense, when you're devoting a good chunk of your time to professional obligations, there's not always time for a relationship.

Have you ever broken up with a boyfriend because of distance? Or maybe one of you didn't have time for a relationship because you were busy building a career? And who else is sort of excited to hear that Harry's going to be on U.S. soil for a few months?

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