Why the STD dating site is a great way to meet someone

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Today certain junior high-minded individuals in the blogosphere are snickering about Positive Singles, a new online dating site tailored for folks who have STDs. And sure, while the concept is ripe for parody, I have to say that in principle, it's genius. After all, STD rates are skyrocketing, and presumably, a lot of that has to do with the fact that our partners are either completely in the dark about the fact that they are infected, or worse, lying when they say they're "clean," so to speak.

Conversely, the members of Positive Singles are responsible enough to be up-to-date on their medical status, and courageous and honest enough to be totally up front about it, all traits that everyone is looking for in a romantic partner. The majority of them have herpes and HPV, and considering the statistics on both, more than half of the daters on Myspace and Facebook should probably be advertising their wares on Positive Singles instead. But I also like that it gives people with more serious issues like HIV a place to meet people, as well. And this might be something of a stretch, but consider this more superficial observation: The dating pool on their site is filled with good looking people who were attractive enough to get laid in the first place! (Hey, just sayin'...)

My only problem with Positive Singles is that in order to access some of the members, you have to become a Gold Member, and at $143.95 for a 12 month membership, it ain't cheap. Note to management: With all the free dating sites out there, that's not exactly encouraging anyone to sign up. Too bad, because I think it's a refreshing idea. Chances are if you're dating, you will end up sleeping with someone who has an STD. Wouldn't you want to know before hand and prepare yourself accordingly? And if you're infected yourself, you get to bypass that whole uncomfortable disclosure talk. At the end of the day, the only way to mitigate the epidemic of increasingly common STDs is through education and communication, (oh and let's not forget sexual abstinence, which seems to be working soooo well).

So what do you think? Is this the best thing since sliced bread and jam? Do you wish people were more up front and honest about their STDs? Would you have been spared the horrors of HPV-related cancer scares if some douchey guy you slept with once would have let you know he was a carrier? (God we hate that guy.) Let's chat.