I ask myself that question all the time. Why can't simple things stay simple. Like a relationship. You both know you love each other and them all the sudden there is obsticles and barriers blocking the simple emotion of love. I started on this thought a bit after my Mother passed away. If you have never lost a parent you have this lost feeling for awhile. I myself started looking at things deeper and more broader. I wanted to be back to a happy place that was simply perfect for me. Well those who know the ol' hound here, knows that she can't let go of an emotional tie. This relationship ended four years ago. Yet here I am again with the same feeling in my heart. I try and move on then a stumbling block or just a silly dream involving the Signor. I am back to square one with my feelings for him. The complicated part is I don't understand why we broke up (well that is denial I do know why I couldn't live with him anymore.) I know he feels the same about me, but he says having a relationship is too complicated. Here is my look: O-O. The only thing complicated is our thoughts of what a relationship is. He sees it as a burden or someone trying to use him. I see it, well I know sometimes it gets a bit fairy taleish, but I see a relationship as beauty. Perfection of balance between emotions and life. Accepting each other and that means the bad stuff too. The feeling I have for the Signor is never going to be reproduced. I am really starting to believe he was the one. So, I wonder why can't the simplicity at the beginning come back? I know I know, because I have matured and he is still locked in his prison. I honestly believe if all, I mean every human not just intimate relators, put everything back to simplicity we would have a very peaceful world. Hmmm, I will work on this more. Till then:

Peace out and in all that is right-good.