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Winning the heart and interest of a girl or woman isn't something of mere wish. When you are able to win the heart of a girl or woman, she is yours for real. "When a woman loves", she loves for real. Women encounter bunch of admirers each passing day; admirers wanting to be friends, desiring to be lovers. For each passing day, girls meet admirers who approach them with the intention of becoming friends and eventually lovers. Now, as friends or lovers with a girl or woman, doesn't mean she has given herself to you. You may be her friend, but is she interested in you? You may tell her that you love her, but has she learned to love you? You can tell her that you can't do without her, but does she feel the same way for you? It's all determined by how much you've been able to win her heart. I will be discussing various tips to win a girl's heart all along this write-up.

A girl's or woman's heart isn't difficult to win over. If you know what to do, knowledge becomes power to you. Every girl or woman is subtle and understandable. You can understand what attracts the interest of a lady. Talking about how to win the heart of a girl or woman; do all women respond to men in the same way or for the same reasons? Surely not, but if you can connect with girls or women in a way that triggers her emotions, then you are on the right course for securing your dream relationship.

Like I said, all women or girls don't respond in the same way when a man approaches them. The moves you make towards pleasing a girl or your girlfriend influences her emotions at different levels and it's different for each lady. Your aim here is to touch her heart and emotions at a deep primal level in ways that produces a corresponding desire and likeness towards you. What I mean is that what makes "girl A" like you because of a short message you sent to her may not make "girl B" like you if you send the same message. This doesn't mean that "girl B" is proving difficult. It only means that you have to connect deeper to make an impact in her. You need to apply more effort; using conversational techniques and other ways to relate to her. No effort used in trying to win the heart of a girl or woman is wasted. A girl or woman knows how much effort a guy has put in trying to please her to make her happy. So don't think your efforts her wasted, never give up easily on her. She sees every move you make towards her and silently considers them in her heart. You can start up with these ten (10) tips on how to win the heart of a girl or woman and then move on to more effective Advanced Techniques to make her fall in love with you. How to Ask a Girl out (Approach a Woman)

  • 1. Can she see Maturity in You?

Every lady loves to feel confident and protected when around her man. She enjoys the company of a confident and independent man. Looking progressively from the teenage age group, ladies begin to exude signs of maturity much earlier than guys. In other words, most times Girls tend to find their ground more quickly. This ought not to be so because men should be in charge, that's why they are called men. Men should know what they want early in life. Men should begin to show signs of maturity early in life; in the way they speak and act, in conduct and behavior. No girl or woman wants to be around a guy who acts or talks like a jerk. Impress her with the way you handle and respond to the issues of life as a whole. Let your girl or woman see how responsible you are regarding your schooling, job, finances or whatever relevant activity; taking responsibility for your actions. A mature person is one who takes his future and career into his own hand.

  • 2. A Romantic man Is a must have for any Girl or Woman

Being romantic is a sure-fire way of making any girl naturally like you. Having a romantic personality isn't difficult to build. Be creative, anything that will make your girlfriend feel happy. Romantic ideas that touch her, producing sensual pleasure; giving a surprise gift, flowers, transferring some dollars into her bank account without her consent just to surprise her. Romance is about paying attention to your girlfriend; a girl must feel needed, treasured and wanted by you, if she would accept you in her heart. The moment you can find your way into the heart of a girl, she is all yours. All you need do is make her accept you into her heart; that will be all!

  • 3. Make Her See You As A Faithful And Consistent Person

Women don't like men who go around chasing other girls, having multiple dates. She will see you as a guy who lacks self-control and probably presume that you will be unfaithful to her even when you both are in a relationship. So, begin to build up a faithful image of yourself hence forth. Don't look admirably at another girl when your girlfriend is present with you (i.e. if you have a girlfriend). When a girl opens up her heart to you and accepts you, she's all yours. Now, any girl would easily and quickly open up her heart to you if she can see that you are not the cheating type. Try this - Your girlfriend will feel proud if you tell her that "you will never be interested in any other girl except her". Also, work on consistency in whatever you do for her; consistent phone calls, text messages of how you feel about her. Never relent in your desire for her because while you are showing interest in her, other guys are also showing their interest in her. You have to be consistent if you must be the one to win her heart. The moment you have been able to convince a girl that you love her, she will give you all her heart. How To Get A Girl To Like You

  • 4. What Do You Do With The Time You Spend With Her?

I advice that you spend time wisely with your girl or woman. Whatever time you spend with your girl is an important opportunity to connect and leave an impact in her, in such an awesome way that she will never forget the joyful experience she had with you. The time spent with your girlfriend or date is your greatest opportunity to convince that girl of your love for her and how much she means to you. You can pour out your heart to her. As you are alone with your girl or woman, she is all yours at that moment. Right there, you determine what happens; the fate of your relationship with her. During such times, make the conversation with your girlfriend interesting. Tease her, laugh with her, tell her how you can't do without her, that she's so special and that she means the whole world to you. You can get a girl to like you just by using the moments you spend with her.

  • 5. Pay attention to Detail

You will win the heart of a girl if you can pay attention to the matters of her heart. Care about the precious issues she keeps in her heart, show that you really care for her. You can win the heart of any girl if only she knows that you truly care about her. You should remember things your girlfriend told you about herself and use what you've learnt about her at opportune moments to do something for her. For instance, use her favorite color to get a gift for heart. Try to know many more things about your girl or woman, so you can know what to do that will make her happy at all times. If you love a woman or girl, you will know about her. You cannot love what you do not know. You can love someone only if you know about the person. You cannot say you love someone when you don't know anything about the person; who the person is, what the person likes and dislikes, even the attitude of the person. Finally, learn to say I love you at the right time. The right time to say I love to a woman is times when she is emotionally turned on. Then let the words come out of your mouth in a cool and expected way.

  • 6. Give your Girl or Woman something valuable she will never forget
Guys, allow me to ask you a question. Do you really love that Girl or Woman? If yes, then you must give her something she will never forget. It's either you buy something for her, give something to her or do something for her that will make a great impact in her life. If you truly love, you would give. There are things that are very dear to a girl or woman which they need or cannot do without. Find out what she needs and find out what's important to her. It might be that she needs money to pay for her tuition fees. If she can't pay her tuition, she would lose something that's very important in her life. Bottom line; what bothers her should bother you! A woman or girl will love you if you can take care of what matters to her, her career, job, school or a project. This is one powerful point you must consider if you really mean to win the heart of a woman or girl. What Psychology has to say about giving: Giving is the key that opens the heart of anyone who receives the gift. When you give something valuable to a person, you create a passion in that person that automatically makes him or her desire to do something for you. Stuff like these will make a girl or woman feel like you genuinely care about her as you take the trouble to help her, just to ensure your girl or woman is happy. She will see you as one who can take care of her future. For more effective tips, you can visit this link on How To Make A Girlfriend Desire You and Fall In Love With You.
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